Welcome to the Media section - here you can read and watch interviews from Austin and have a look at a number of other video files which involve him and the other teams he's apart of. Check out his YouTube page for more

Recent Media

Rooi Rose - A well known Afrikaans magazine sat down with Austin to discuss his love for hockey and what else motivates him in life.

Austin’s goals from the Greenfield Hockey World League in Cape Town, 2015

Austin scoring his first hatrick from three consecutive corners.


HOCKEY, like most sports, relies almost entirely on time out in the middle for a team to even begin to work together as a finely-tuned unit. The weight of the through-ball requires the midfielder to have a very good idea of the speed of his striker, a little too hard and the game-breaking pass might go over the baseline or be cut off by a defender … these are the nuances that make the difference between winning and losing amongst elite nations in world hockey. And just like the serious cricketer, extended time spent in the middle is worth dozens of net practices, throw-downs and bowling at a single stump or trying to deliver the ball onto a handkerchief on a good lengthclick here to continue reading

Article from the Saturday Citizen - 9 August

A great article by Eunice Visage about the SA Men’s and Ladies performances at the 2014 Commonwealth Games

Part of the SA Men’s pre World Cup selection camp.


Womans Health - You never quite know how an interview will turn out, sometimes good, other times not so good.

Article from Harticke Bosch, a quarterly magazine published by HC Den Bosch.
The article talks about my passion for working with kids and making a difference in the world, I’m not just all about hockey.

“UP TO SPEED 4” - The latest information about the SA Ladies and Mens team.

My favourite home cooked meal Bobotie included in the October edition of magazine here in Holland.

“UP TO SPEED 3” - The latest information about the SA Ladies and Mens team.

Want to learn how to flick penalty corners? Take a look how Austin Smith trains and then performs in matches.

Episode 3 of the Rabo Skills Challenges with Dutch ladies star Ellen Hoog.

*Hoofdklasse Highlights* Den Bosch vs Laren (5-1)

Fantastic compilation of photos from Austin's playing career

The launch of Hockey's 2014 World Cup mascot, 'STOCKEY'!

Austin being auctioned off for $46 000 at the inaugural edition of the Hockey India League

Some of the team being interviewed ahead of the World League 2 tournament on Expresso.

Media from past years

Preview of the amazing tv series 'Onze Club' (our club) who Austin plays for in Holland, Den Bosch HC

An introduction to the SA Men's Hockey Team, "The Lads"

Venue of the 2012 London Olympics which Austin and his team played in

Want to see Austin hit a ball at 133km/h? See him win the Den Bosch 'Hardest Hit' competition here

Finishing 5th at the Champions Challenge (Salta, Argentina)

Austin being interviewed after the his Champions Challenge game in 2009 (Salta, Argentina)


The Time You Have (In JellyBeans) - A fun look at how the average person spends their ‘time’.
“What if you had just one more day, what are you going to do today?”

Letter to a person on their first day - So many great lines for getting along.
“Some days gross things will happen, some days awesome things will happen, some days you’ll get ice-cream and some days you won’t”

Miracle - A great movie full of motivational moments.
“The name on the front of the shirt is more important than the one on the back”

People are Awesome - A reminder of the many amazing things people achieved in 2012.
"Those who say it can't be done should get out of the way of those doing it"!

What is the #1thing you'd do to make the world a better place? - A fun thought provoking video asking people what they can do to make the world a better place. Did you do any of these today?

Are you reaching your potential? - A clever advertisement asking the ultimate question.

I think this line sums it up really, "If life's a game aren't we all on the same team"?